KID'S COLLEGE was founded in March of 1991 by Lim Young Ki.
KID'S COLLEGE aspires to provide Korean children with the best possible
English Education. Since its foundation, under the banner of "THE FOREMOST, THE HIGHEST, and THE UTMOST", its aim has been pursued by an unfailing
effort and a sense of duty. Now, KID'S COLLEGE is well known as the best
children's institute and the leader of early English education in Korea.

The mission of KID'S COLLEGE:

KID'S COLLEGE embodies a unique program, based on a well-rounded
education that highly values human dignity and integrity with the mission of
cultivating talented men and women who will one day become the leaders of
our country and the world in the 21st century. Furthermore, as an independent
educational institute, KID'S COLLEGE has been established with the objective
of instructing Korean children within a Korean education environment.

KID'S COLLEGE is a private institute, best described as an English immersion
school dedicated to teaching Korean children real and meaningful English
skills. We offer a school environment that is as similar as possible to that of an

American or a Canadian school. We conduct classes for children ranging in
ages from four to twelve. There are no Korean-speaking teachers, nor are
Korean language materials used in our classrooms.